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This looks very interesting. I've just had a quick look "inside" the volume on John at Amazon and it does look very interesting indeed. I purchased John and find it very interesting - but I need my Logos links to track from the brief summary of a patristic comment to its actual statement and context.

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Okay, Coleridge, Swedenborg, Hutcheson, Lindars are not patristic. The book really shows the need for the Classic Commentaries that Logos sells - but may also show that they are not quite broadly "classic" enough. But if you think of a exegetical summary that reads well and goes far beyond any theological boundary you'll get a sense of the series, it's value and why it should be in Logos.

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Okay - concrete facts on the Logos classics and those used in Blackwell. The Medieval is a bit weaker than I would like but in terms of research for the book I can see why.

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When there are more reception history resources to build off, I would expect this to be corrected in the field not in this resource. Sign in Join Help.

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