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While bored during a science lesson, Ben created a game called Impossible Rush which was downloaded over 1. It wasn't long before Silicon Valley investors — who backed Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat — approached him and Ben was forced to beg his parents to let him leave school. He now regularly rubs shoulders with celebrities such as Drake, is followed by pop icon Justin Bieber and spends most of his day with a seven-person team in their late teens and early twenties.

And the teen's extravagant bachelor pad in New York offers a window into how he made his millions. He admits to not knowing how to cook, surviving on an all-pizza diet and sleeping on a mattress in the middle of the floor. Billionaire Jack Ma did poorly at school and was rejected every single time he applied to Harvard as well as being turned down for over 30 jobs.

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He says you must "work day and night" to achieve things as well as having a "passion for the future". And in a recent seminar — available above — the self-made billionaire shared the secret quality that all of his wealthy mates possess. Some people sit and complain and you have to think how to solve the problem. Goals are only goals when they involve physical action and you have the capability to perform the action required. You then repeat this process for every other wish or dream.

When you realize each one of your wishes or dreams, your ideal future life will then become your actual life. When most people think of risk, they think of it in terms of some financial investment they make: But financial risk is not the greatest risk most take. You can always earn more money Money can be recouped. But there is another risk, almost everyone takes for granted. This is a risk that, when made, can never be recouped. The greatest risk we all take is time. It never gets renewed or returned to us. Yet, because we are all given, what seems to be an abundance of time, it has very little value to us.

So we spend an enormous amount of our time engaged in wasteful activities such as sitting in front of a T. It will never return. Time needs to be invested wisely in pursuing goals, dreams, or some major purpose in life.

Reward Yourself

Any investment we make of our time should pay dividends down the road in the form of happiness events, financial security, creating a legacy or in helping improve the lives of others. When you see time as the greatest risk of all, it forces you to become more aware of exactly how you invest your time.

Invest it wisely, because you will never get it back. This freed up time for them to pursue their dreams, goals, read, learn, exercise, volunteer and network.

Secret Rich Habit 4: Success Mentors do more than simply influence your life in some positive way. They regularly and actively contribute to your success by teaching you what to do and what not to do. They share with you their mistakes and valuable life lessons that they learned either from their own mentors or from the school of hard knocks.

Finding a success mentor in life is one of the least painful ways to become rich. It puts you on the fast track to success. In my research I discovered five types of Success Mentors:. Self-made millionaires are persistent.

They never quit on their dream. They would rather go down with the ship than quit. And then they picked themselves up and went on to try again. Persistence requires doing certain things every day that move you forward in achieving your goals or life dream.

Persistence makes you unstoppable. No obstacle, mistake or momentary failure can stop you from moving forward if you keep at it.

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These millionaires learned to pivot and change course, growing in the process. Persistence is the single greatest contributor to manifesting good luck. Those who persist, eventually get lucky. No matter what it is, make it a point to say yes. They realize every excuse has a solution and they work hard to find the solution to every excuse that may arise. They take action, any action — no matter how small. You can start with small things and see whether you can get around excuses.

The more you do it, the easier it will become. This is a very important step because getting past excuses results in you becoming less and less indolent with time. This creates a strong work ethic and produces greater results. Identify one of your more frequent excuses and find a way to overcome it and make that thing happen. This is because they take those scary steps in order to keep moving forward. The more we do things, the more normal they get.

For example, when I first started my site, I was a nervous wreck about interviewing millionaires. When you think about the most famous millionaires, there are a few words that probably come to mind, and one of these words is usually fearless. Name it and put it on the calendar.

This gives you a goal and a deadline.

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Sure, each millionaire story had its own unique twists and turns, but it was striking how the core of each story was more similar than different. I just had so many false assumptions in my brain about what it was to be financially independent and what was the basis of happiness and what really leads to happiness and so it really sent me back kind of to ground zero and I started reworking this stuff.

The goal is your happiness and life fulfillment. Learning how to become a millionaire is an excellent next step in that journey. The conventional approach used by experts to figure how much money you need to retire is fundamentally flawed. My brother and I both have gone to church all our lives. Abraham from the bible was rich because God had blessed him.

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I was joking with my brother and ask him, why was Abraham so rich? But having enough to meet your standard of living. Many friends, though well paid, could have walked away from their jobs when an early out was offered except they were in bondage to their higher standard of living as could be seen by the nice vehicles, extravagant homes and their vacationing habits. I vacationed two and three weeks a year. My job had me traveling a lot. Todd, I have a question for you.

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When you calculated your net worth, did you use the present value of Social Security and pensions? If so, what terms did you use? Just the taxing authority of the government.