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Teaser flag, clothfX in lightwave, exported mdd to Blender, painted the areas where I wanted fire with weigth paint, then made sure the fluids fire acess this by setting advanced smoke for the flag to that very painted weight map, the cool thing is that I can continuously paint new areas on the flag if I think it is missing fire flames, or erase paint it if it gets to much, then just go back and hit play. Just an openGL preview of it to save time and file size and avoiding uploading to youtube for now. The principles could be applied for using fractured and bullet dynamic simulated collisions etc in Lightwave and savind mdd, then applying fire..

Attached Files flag on fire opengl I have to say though, I am glad that a lot of stuff can be shared quite nicely between Blender and lightwave, clothfx, or bullet.. Using lightwave and OD copy and paste, pasting edges for skin modifier in blender, sending mesh back with armatur and continue animating in lightwave and render.

Had to finally give up on LW OpenVDB in version zero is almost entirely unusable for me.

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Seventy percent of the time, trying to load the VDB sequence crashes Layout. When it does load and I get it set up, one or another thing occurs that stops the render Now the Layout file is useless and I have to start over again. Hopefully when I get ver.

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Until then, I just exported an MDD of the simulation and imported it into the Blender file with the original explosion. I'll just have to work from there and render it out from Blender.

Tip-enhanced near-field optical microscopy

At least I got a little taste of the potential workflow. Let me know how the mdd to blender and fluids works for you, strongly advice to use blender 2. Then sending to blender by mdd baking, then painting a weightmap around the main break area with blenders weight paint.. Saving out the simulation as vdb uncompressed. Back to lightwave and adding a null, set it to openVDB and load the vdb file, creating a manual gradient in emission and in scatter channel, render out with VPR.

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I think I also set the step size to high.. Originally Posted by RPSchmidt. It must be something in version Even after I saved a file where I had successfully loaded the OpenVDB sequence and rendered from it and everything looked fine, if I closed that file and then tried to open it again, "A critical error has occurred. The file was corrupt from then on. We'll see how it goes when I get upgraded to Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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