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Chronological Order of Aimee Leduc Books

You forgot your password and you need to retrieve it. Free on Kindle Unlimited. A deadly strike planned against the West. Kate Bowen holds pieces of the puzzle. Can she put them together? For fans of Tom Clancy.

In the footsteps of Aimée Leduc

Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Granted, Aimee and her partner, Rene, were their usual engaging selves, the portrait of a bureaucratic and sometimes dysfunctional Paris police force rang true, and the plot was devilishly complex.

But the historical weightiness of the first three books was missing.

Aimée Leduc Series In Order (from newest to oldest)

And the violent, home-grown European terrorism of the s was the centerpiece of Murder in the Sentier, the third novel in the series. Though there were echoes of history that sounded in the background in Murder in the Bastille as well, the book was a pedestrian murder mystery by comparison with the earlier entries. Is it possible that Black ran out of French historical crises after her first three novels? All told, there are fourteen Aimee Leduc stories to date.

Black, a best-selling, San Francisco-based mystery writer, has been writing an average of nearly one per year since It took me forever to finish this mystery that seemed to have promises, at least at the beginning. Was I seduced by the Paris evocations that seemed to avoid cliches and went instead to narrower and darker streets? There might be that. There are also the French words and expressions, fairly current, which pop out here like mushrooms. French expressions in American novels are not always used wisely, or when they are, there is always that annoying spelling or grammar mistake.

Cara Black appears more careful, at least in the first half of the novel. And the errors that come out later are minor. But that is all for the seduction part.

Books by Cara Black and Complete Book Reviews

The plot itself goes all over the place while the pace drags. I really don't give a damn. And this, despite the fact that one very influential person in my life was a blind uncle with whom I used to take long walks when I was a child. As for the terrifying Beast of the Bastille, he seems plastered on the decor like some horror movie poster from the 's. The investigation is handled by a bunch of scattered investigators, either private detectives or cops "les flics" , mostly ineffective.

Too many flics spoil the soup. Finally, all these narrow passages and streets that had their charm in the beginning start to resemble each other in the end. I no longer recognize Paris. Where on earth is the City of Light? No abundance of gallic expressions, no simple enumeration of street names will recreate a Parisian atmosphere. There is a special rhythm in Paris, or a variety of rhythms, a mix of sass and poetry. After a high traffic boulevard your steps may land on some pocket of quiet.

Cara Black

A little further, you may struggle in a walking crowd until the city airs itself again. The Seine, Paris' main artery, is the city's magic mirror.

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I get little of that here. I get names, listings. Even characters feel like listings. And the few who are fleshed out appear boneless. As for the ones with a skeleton in their closet, they are simply soporific. This is my first experience with a Cara Black novel, and probably my last. Besides the few elements mentioned at the beginning of this review, he is about the only redeeming factor in this novel. I did not find this character and book very plausible. So they head off on a rousing escape involving glass covered wall climbing, a moped ride through the Metro, and arrival at the friend's home bloodied but assured in confronting the daughter of the friend and husband who is having a dinner party for some French and Algerian diplomats.

OK, to be fair, at this point I thought this was not likely to get better,so stopped reading the adventures of a Rambo-like female character able to scale tall buildings metro steps up and down riding a moped survive explosions, drag injured women through Paris, find planted rats in her apartment and take a bath and go to bed with her former lover, I really was ready to give up.

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  • Books by Cara Black and Complete Book Reviews;

And this was only in the first 47 pages. Maybe it got better but when the police arrive to question her and she responds with aplomb about her need for morning coffee, I couldn't take any more. Wish I could be more positive, but don't think I will be reading anymore of this series and I don't recommend it for those who seek plausibility in their mysteries.

Aimée Leduc Series by Cara Black In Order

Love the series - love Aimee, Rene. Each book offers a bit more info and a more experience with Aimee as she faces mysteries and challenges with boldness and grace. This book offers her a particular challenge with her own abilities. I like the fact that, while this is a beloved series, there is always growth in the characters - and often we see those around the main characters grappling with their own issues and learning more by the end.

This book allows us to witness changes in perceptions about others, about what disabilities are, and I loved it. I'm reading more and I hope to see more and more of Rene - he may be Aimee's true soul mate. One person found this helpful. Cara Black takes us into the side streets of Paris and gives us the insider's look. Fascinating and interesting plot lines.

Murder in the Bastille

You really want to go along with Aimee Leduc on her adventures. The violence and sex are appropriate to the story. I have read the books in order, her personal history adds much to the story. I've enjoyed each one. They do not need to be read in order to understand and enjoy each. Each book averages about pages but it's a quick read. See all 52 reviews. Most recent customer reviews.