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Multiplied Power through Agreement. No matter how much I understand my Covenant with my Father, no matter how powerful I might be in prayer based on that understanding, my prayer power can be multiplied no less than ten-fold by getting into agreement with another faithful Believer. This is true for anyone. We find this principle revealed in a victory prayer prayed by Moses.

For their rock is not as our Rock, even our enemies themselves being judges.


These verses are not quite as clear in the King James Bible as they are when translated more literally. The following is a much more literal translation. If one is able to chase one thousand enemies and two are able to chase ten thousand enemies, then that is a ten-fold increase.

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One Believer can set a thousand demon spirits running by getting a hold of a specific Covenant promise in any area of their life and refusing to let go of it. Find a partner who will not back down from the written Word of God even when all Hell breaks loose.


You will see God move in ways that you never imagined possible. We have friends who call us for agreement when it is time for them to place a demand on the Covenant and they know they need more power. We call those very same friends when it is time for us to place a demand on the Covenant and we know we need more power. We have found this to be tremendously effective. Every Believer should have someone that they can call on for unwavering agreement in prayer.

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Just keep the sin out of your life and be sure you choose a partner who is aware of the powerlessness of sin as well. Repent when you blow it. Get back into agreement and this prayer will work for you every time.

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  • It comes with a personal guarantee from the Son of Almighty God. If you do not know how to pray the Prayer of Agreement, it goes like this. Then you do a little thing and stay in agreement. Keep your words in agreement with what you prayed. Praise Him and thank Him with every thought of your agreement.

    Prayer of Agreement (17 March 2018) DCOHP

    God will then do a big thing and demonstrate Himself strong on your behalf. God wants to answer your prayer. He wants you to be encouraged. For example if one suffers the loss of a job or someone needs to receive healing.

    Prayer Agreement Leads to Breakthrough - Prayer Help

    These are needs that must be fulfilled quickly! So rather than praying on your own during such times, you can join with others in prayer for greater faith and power according to what Jesus said. This is because collaborated faith efforts will greatly increase faith so that prayer results can be realized in a shorter time than when we pray alone and in some cases immediately. The prayer of agreement must be used correctly according to the context of verses Take time when praying with others to choose those persons who have a like desire as you do to pray correctly and who also want the best for you.

    Praying with a family, for instance, who might not respect you or believe in prayer will not give you the added faith toward what you want or encouragement.

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    • I cover this information and more about prayer and receiving from God in Take The Path To Victorious Christian Living if you need to learn more on the subject. For example, you can pray with one or more persons you trust, making sure their understanding of your prayer is aligned with your exact need and request.

      You must explain to them clearly what you need and make your prayer reflect that need. If you ask to be healed of freedom from an addiction, then state what you want. This is another reason to be specific. Tell each person who you ask to pray with you and for you to be just as specific so the growing list of persons will actually increase the faith leading to heaven for binding or loosing what you need according to Matthew Also tell them to share your name with the prayer. We need to be specific about everything we pray about. This includes using the names of those who we pray about.

      As our mediator before God, Jesus Christ is right there with us to present that prayer to God immediately on our behalf with the benefit of our joined faith. It will keep your heart at peace when entering into prayer.