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Psychiatric Service Dogs // Let's Talk About Mental Illness

Many Australians know someone who has experienced a mental health condition. It is becoming easier to talk and share about mental ill-health and avoid discrimination. Lived experience What I've learned about recovery is that it's an up and down journey, particularly because I was initially diagnosed with depression, then bipolar disorder. Diagnosis can sometimes take a long time. I had periods of depression and mania from childhood right through my twenties, but didn't know what happening to me. I was 35 before I was finally diagnosed correctly with bipolar disorder.

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That's quite common, as many people get diagnosed with depression, but don't realise they're unwell or seek help when they're in the middle of a manic episode. I first realised something was wrong when I was about I remember feeling very empty and confused about how numb I was feeling. I just started crying and I couldn't eat my dinner. My mum didn't really know what was going on. I just went to my room and isolated myself a bit. My mental health issues were triggered by my diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and a secondary auto-immune disease, combined with the stress of being a new mother to an extremely unsettled baby; causing chronic insomnia and anxiety.

Why damming world's rivers is a tricky balancing act

This all fed into each other until I became severely anxious and depressed for a significant amount of time. In particular, my psychiatrist and endocrinologist had to unpick and address all these issues separately to ensure my mental health issues were managed appropriately. Thanks for your feedback. Your anonymous feedback has been submitted. If you need help now, visit our crisis support page. Visit our feedback page to let us know how we can make your experience even better. As you cannot see bacteria it is difficult to know if they are in the water unless the water is tested.

There are some basic rule that can be followed to reduce your risk of exposure to bacteria and other organisms. This monitoring is carried out in conjunction with local government authorities and some other agencies. A number of other recreational lakes and reservoirs.

A number of country local governments also monitor recreational waters which include quite a number of ocean, river, lakes, estuaries, inlets and reservoir sites. After heavy rainfall, rain can collects pollutants from our streets, gardens and farms. The rain and the pollutants then flush into our ocean and rivers through the stormwater systems. This can make the water unsafe for swimming, especially if you put your head under or swallow the water. Stormwater runoff is one of the most common causes of water pollution. People should avoid swimming near stormwater drains, particularly during or after rainfall events.

What is a natural waterway?

Where pollution is detected in a water body e. If you notice a health warning sign then follow the advice and do not go swimming. During generally summer, lakes, estuaries and dams can heat up. This amoeba can cause the disease known as amoebic meningitis. Amoebic meningitis can cause inflammation and eventual destruction damage of the brain and brain linings. It only occurs when water containing the amoebae goes up the nose. Swimming and skiing in lakes and dams is not recommended when water temperatures are high due to the risk of contracting amoebic meningitis.

Seawater and estuaries are safe as the amoebae will not grow in water with more than 2 per cent salt content. For more information refer to the amoebic meningitis factsheet. This publication is provided for education and information purposes only.

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It is not a substitute for professional medical care. Information about a therapy, service, product or treatment does not imply endorsement and is not intended to replace advice from your healthcare professional.

What should you know about mental health conditions and disorders?

Readers should note that over time currency and completeness of the information may change. With the highest rates of survival of major cancers and strokes of all developed countries, the ninth-lowest obesity rate in the world and the third-longest expectancy for a healthy life, you could be forgiven for thinking that South Korea is some sort of wellness paradise. South Korea has far and away the highest suicide rate among the 35 wealthy Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries — almost 40 Koreans fall victim to suicide every day, almost 50 percent higher than the second-ranked OECD country, Hungary.

Almost 95 percent of Koreans report being stressed, a third of them chronically. According to one study, up to 28 percent of elderly Koreans are depressed, compared with 10 to 15 percent in the U. This is in part because of stigma: Geopolitical worries with the North are routinely at the bottom of perceived stressors in surveys of South Koreans, below more routine factors such as work, family and culture.

This represents a trend across the spectrum of unreported mental health issues in Korea. In fact, a recent government study found that the vast majority of suicide victims had recently sought medical treatment not for mental health issues, but for physical symptoms such as fatigue, poor concentration, abdominal pain and headaches.

Meanwhile, alcoholism is a huge problem in the country — it has the highest rate of liquor consumption of any country in the world at almost 14 shots per person per week, twice the rate of Russia — and yet alcohol-dependent Americans are four times as likely to seek treatment as alcohol-dependent Koreans, according to one survey.

And while many Americans might report stress when seeing news headlines scroll in from the Korean Peninsula , geopolitical worries with the North are routinely at the bottom of perceived stressors in surveys of South Koreans, below more routine factors such as work, family and culture.

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